How to prepare for the entrance examination before studying in England?

Here are some tips for preparing students for the UK entrance exam.


I: Read

Reading comprehension tests often involve text or poetry, requiring students to understand between the lines and find out the facts and meanings behind them (i.e. critical reading).Through study, most students ” deduce ” the meaning of a paragraph, but they also need to organize their own answers.Among them, the most effective method is P-E-E (interpretation: identification of points, presentation of evidence and interpretation).

Do not make simple mistakes.Read the article and topic at least twice to ensure that the meaning of the topic is understood.

Control your time and try to ensure that you can answer each question.

Two: Writing

Scenario: Do not be too complicated.Our advice is: general plot, extraordinary writing!

Language: Avoid boredom.What is your usual metaphor?Use them.

Vocabulary: expand your vocabulary and apply the synonyms you learn in numbers.

Three: Inference

These assessments are done through a test paper or computer.

In the year before the exam, we used 5 days a week and 10 minutes a day to do a little reasoning exercise.

Most reasoning questions require a unique answer method.When students master these methods, they only need to practice to control the time of the problem.

Avoiding overpreparation is just a test to assess core intellectual abilities.

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