What are the conditions and costs of studying for an MBA from a British university?

MBA has always been a popular program for studying abroad.Choosing the right MBA course can not only improve your business management or strategic management skills, but also communicate with many good business people and lay the foundation for future career development or entrepreneurship.A.

A significant proportion of MBA programmes include internships.If you study in a city such as London or Edinburgh, your internship experience will not only make you highly competitive in job hunting, but will also accumulate practical experience to deepen your understanding of the real business world.

Another real return on MBA programmes is that they often bring broader employment prospects, more prominent career advancement and higher returns.

Since the course focuses on teaching students the critical thinking, analysis, management and leadership skills required for business competition, MBA applicants, particularly Asian students, are required.According to a forbes article on april 26, nearly 30% of asian students tend to opt for british mba programmes.Short-term education (one year) may be one of the main reasons.


Here are four British universities offering MBA programmes.

Aston University

In close cooperation with many fast-growing SMEs, students at Aston University naturally have a business environment where they practice entrepreneurial ideas.Aston University is located in the heart of Birmingham and is conveniently located for easy access to London or other parts of the UK.

Aston University’s MBA program ranked fourth in the global MBA rankings of CEO Magazine in 2019 ;Among the 201 QS world disciplines, business management is ranked among the top 100 in the world.At the same time, aston is one of 22 british business schools with triple certification.It was also the first UK business school to receive an EQUIS certification.The highlight of its MBA program is highly practical experiential teaching methods, emphasizing students’s usability.Students are encouraged to develop practical counselling programmes to develop the skills needed to become innovative entrepreneurs.The course focuses on business strategy and has a high degree of flexibility . Students can plan the course according to their personal interests and career plans.

Admission Requirements :

At least 3 years working experience ;

IELTS requirements: total 7 points, no less than 6.5 items.

Tuition Fees: £ 25850

University of Edinburgh

The MBA programme at the University of Edinburgh School of Business includes a comprehensive professional development course and a personal coaching course designed to help graduates meet global challenges and develop personal skills and leadership.

The MBA programme at the University of Edinburgh Business School will help students understand how business and markets work, learn how to create value through innovation and marketing, how to finance companies, and develop strategies.The course will also develop students’s strategic thinking skills through applied skills training and professional practice.

The University of Edinburgh Business School is also a three-tier recognized business school, ranking 87 in the Financial Times Global MBA programme in 2019.In the same ranking, the employment prospects of graduates ranked 24th and the number of female students ranked third in the world.Economist MBA Program Ranking Economy’s 2018 ‘ Which Mba ‘ Ranking, Edinburgh University Ranking 10.

Admission Requirements :

Apply for an MBA from the University of Edinburgh . You do not need a business or management background . You need a 2:1 or higher degree, all of which are over 80- 85% ;

The GMAT score is not less than 600 .

The total score of IELTS is not less than 7, single item is not less than 6.0 , PTE is not less than 67 , single item is not less than 56.

Tuition: £ 30700 .

University of Bath

The MBA program at Bates University focuses on developing students’s soft skills.At the same time, the development of students’s practical skills is emphasized.Each student will complete five different programs throughout the MBA program.It will also help students expand their social circle through company visits, business presentations, patriotism and paid internships.

Graduates of the MBA program at Bass University’s School of Management earn more than 73000 pounds a raise of more than 60 percent, the Financial Times reported.

Admission Requirements :

At least 3 years management experience, 2: 1 degree or above ;

The total score is not less than 7, not less than 6.5 ;

The total score of PTE shall not be less than 69 , and the individual shall not be less than 62 ;

Applications for 2019 will be closed on June 30.

Tuition Fees: £ 37500

Southampton University

The MBA programme at Southampton University aims to develop students’s ability to lead employees and organizations in an unstable environment, maintain innovation and change, and encourage students to apply advanced thinking to practical business problems.

This set of goals is achieved primarily through research, international research travel, simulated customer consultation, and contacts with various types of business leaders and companies.All MBA students must complete a business project during the course and have consultants to support them and provide practical experience.

Admission Requirements :

At least 3 years of work experience, must be related to management, business or professional functions and include some analytical work such as business manager, project manager, business analyst, professional engineer, accountant, functional/department head, etc.

Second Class Honorary Degree or above ;

The total IELTS score is not less than 6.5 , reading and writing is not less than 6.5 , listening and speaking is not less than 6.0 .

Tuition Fees: £ 24000

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