List of living expenses for studying in different cities in Britain

Studying in the United Kingdom, costs and expenses are affected by the region, different regions are very different.Today, let us take a look at the cost of living in different British cities.How much does it cost to study in England?

List of living expenses for studying in different cities in Britain

1 . London

As the capital, the price level is naturally the highest, rent is charged weekly, the average weekly expenditure is between 1000 yuan and 2500 yuan, and indoor transport needs to be prepared about 200 yuan a week.

2 . Birmingham

As a representative city of britain, birmingham’s educational prowess should not be underestimated, but it is not expensive, with an average rent of about $ 630 a week and a car ride costing about $ 80 .

3 . Bristol

It may not be very famous, but it places great emphasis on teaching, but the cost of living is relatively low.The rent is between 720 yuan and 1300 yuan a month, and the traffic rent is between 110 yuan.

4 . Cardiff

Cardiff University is a prestigious university located in a city with low urbanization, closer to nature, inexpensive accommodation, between $ 700 a week and $ 80 a week.

5 . liverpool

Liverpool is also one of the favourite cities for foreign students, but the cost of living here is much lower than in London, where the weekly rent is between 700 yuan and the ticket price is about 100 yuan.

6 . Brighton

Life here is more comfortable, life is much less stressful, rents between $ 700 and $ 1200 a week, the cost of a bus is about $ 100 a month, of course, only by subway or bus.

7 . Manchester

Finally, Manchester, where there is more cultural atmosphere, better social welfare and infrastructure, but also low cost of living, injection molding 800 ≤ 1500 a week, travel costs about 100 a week.

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