【Undergraduate application】How to choose a suitable school for studying in Britain

Studying in the UK is very important, and the factors considered in the UK application are different . What factors can we refer to?

【Undergraduate application】How to choose a suitable school for studying in Britain

School Geography

Britain has not only prosperous metropolises such as Edinburgh and London, but also small peaceful villages.

The advantage of metropolis is that it can fully experience British culture and contact with British social life, thus enrich the life of studying abroad.Of course, if you want to work in a corrupt country after graduation, it is best to choose a school in a big city or around, where you can find more jobs.

However, you can not just choose a big city, or you will lose a lot of opportunities to go to a good school.In fact, Britain has many very famous small cities in the region with a deep cultural heritage, but it is also why many local students prefer such schools.

Scholarship ratio

Other forms of funding are provided by British institutions, and scholarships are given the highest priority.

There are special scholarships for international students in the UK. Students studying in China usually have special scholarships.The EU has also allocated a number of scholarship programs to the UK.British more prestigious scholarships are popular among students all over the world.

Students should be fully aware of the form of British scholarships and the profession in which they are awarded.Scholarships for hot majors are usually highly competitive.In addition, it should be remembered that the time of application for scholarships should be noted, the school also has its own scholarship, students should pay attention to the deadline for application materials.

Tuition and living expenses

The cost of studying in Britain is not low.When many students choose to study in graduate schools in Britain, they mainly focus on the cost of studying abroad.

In Britain, tuition varies from specialty to specialty, from school to school, from region to region.Tuition fees are higher in general business schools, media colleges, medical schools and law schools.The cost of living will vary from region to region.London, for example, is the most expensive area in Britain.

Graduation rate

The academic atmosphere in Britain is stricter than in China, where university degrees are graded.GPA will affect the gold content of your last certificate.

Many students hang up for a variety of reasons and get a certificate instead of a degree certificate, which prevents the return of the degree certificate.Therefore, students must pay attention to this problem.

Length of school system

There are only four years of undergraduate students in Scotland and three in the rest of the country.British graduate students are basically a year, some of them two.In general, students graduating from this category continue to study.British graduate students are loved by students from all over the world because of their short academic system and high gold content.

Internship opportunity

When you are about to graduate, internships become very important.Do you work with large companies or organizations?Do you fund independent research projects?Are there opportunities for scientific research with professors?Many schools focus on practice, enterprises will have a large number of internships, so students who attach more importance to internships can pay special attention to it.

Course Setup

Different British universities in the same major may have some differences in their research priorities, so it is best for everyone to learn about the British universities they apply for


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