【UK undergraduate application】What is the application fee for studying abroad in UK

As the number of students studying in Britain has soared in recent years,British universities have been trying to control the number of applications.

Why do schools charge application fees?

First,due to the large number of applicants,the processing of various materials will bring some pressure on schools.Schools therefore need to charge application fees to cover the substantial human and financial costs involved in processing applications.

The more important reason is that in previous years,many schools found that there were students in the phenomenon of”sea vote”.Many students do not want money,whether they meet school requirements,whether they really want to go to these schools,apply a lot,abuse the school system.In addition,some schools,especially those in the 20-40 ranking,will find themselves as a bottom school,many students receive offers but do not come,for the school is a waste of resources.To avoid this,schools increase the cost of applying.

University of Cambridge:application fee 100 pounds

Oxford University:100 pounds for general studies and 150 pounds for MBA applications

Imperial College of Technology:50 pounds for MSC courses and 100 pounds for MBA applications

University College London:75 pounds for most master’s degree applications

King’s College,University of London:50 pounds for all master’s degrees.

Glasgow University:25 lb application fee for all courses at Adam Smith Business School

Warwick:50 pounds(50 pounds application fee for all TAUGHT master’s programs)

Durham University:Business School 60

University of Edinburgh:Business School 50 pounds

Manchester University(Manchester):£60 application fee

Nottingham University(Nottingham):40 pounds

Birmingham University(Birmingham):50 lb application fee for some majors:

Reading:The ICMA course costs£30 to apply

University of London,School of Asia and Africa(SOAS):GBP 90 is required for undergraduate and master’s programmes only

Newcastle University:50 pounds

University of Bath

School of Management:GBP 60 Application Fee

Department of Economics:GBP 60 Application Fee

Department of Politics,Languages&International Studies:50 GBP Application Fee